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Trello Job Offers

Check out one of the main job openings you can get, with great rewards and benefits

A Trello Job Offers It is a unique opportunity to join a team focused on evolving and simplifying the lives of its customers.

Without fear of standing out, the company takes the lead in the market by providing innovations that facilitate integration between teams.

With several vacancy options in addition to a friendly and integrative environment aimed at the development of its employees.

Vacancies are available in almost every state in the country with competitive salaries and opportunities for growth within the company.

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History of Trello

Trello appeared on the market to solve needs that existing tools did not solve on the market.

Team management has always been a sensitive department for large companies, keeping the team together and project progression away from the office has always been difficult.

But Trello came to revolutionize the market and take market leadership, so much so that today it is one of the most successful models in the industry with thousands of accounts.

Created by Fog Creek Software and launched in September 2011 during the important Techcrunch Disrupt conference.

The main objective was to improve project management so that companies could streamline demand.

The big difference between Trello and other brands on the market is the simplicity and flexibility that allows you to create several extensions and support different projects.

In 2014 it became an independent company due to the success achieved in a short time.

After 3 years, the company Atlassian announced the purchase for US$425 million, which was cheap due to the appreciation that would come in the following years.

However, the company continued to operate without subordination and develop further and reach thousands of new customers each year.

New features were launched and Trello reached an enviable level in the management tools market.

And it is currently the most important tool in the sector with several new features launched every year.

Not to mention the various opportunities available in Trello Job Offers for professionals who believe in the company.

Trello Job Offers

A Trello Job Offers offers a pipeline of opportunities for new employees who want to be part of the team and evolve with the company.

With opportunities also in other countries such as France, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Japan, South Korea and India.

  • Senior Engineering Manager: with the mission of taking care of support channels and team leadership.
  • Head of engineering: In this role, the employee will have to contribute to the assistance of other employees to monitor and improve the platform.
  • Full Stack Developer: to collaborate on design and team guidance on feature implementation.
  • Senior Front End Engineer: This opportunity requires a few years of experience and has the possibility of being remote.
  • Backend Engineer: with the possibility of remote work, the main task is to review code to ensure the perfect functioning of the platform.
  • Senior Engineering Administrative Assistant: This position is primarily remote and aims to help the team work effectively.
  • People Operations Associate: will offer support for associates and managers with simple questions, providing a great experience for users.
  • Senior Product Manager Creator Experience at Loom: He will lead the execution strategy for Loom, which is a video software that integrates the company. The software is responsible for recording and editing videos for direct communication with employees.

It is important to highlight that some positions can be held remotely and thus further expand the entry of people from other countries.

Job openings at Trello require certification for most opportunities and in some require a minimum of 5 years of experience.

Most vacancies to work at the company are well sought after due to the company’s potential and the possibility of a career path.

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