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7 Wall Street Secrets You Maybe Didn’t Know

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That said, if you want to understand how this place became so famous and why you should visit it someday, here are the 7 most important Wall street Secrets.

Wall Street is recognized as the most famous street for financial matters. Located in New York, this street has become the scene of many important moments, even earning a movie named after it. Even those who have never been to the USA know about this place, but what about the Wall Street Secrets?

Yes, there are many things that are not clear. Many people have become familiar with the association with finance, but the street has a history that goes far beyond that. In fact, it’s a place that has many points related to this area, such as the stock market.

That said, it is already of great importance in its own right! The Wall Street secrets, however, are related to other points of history and formation. Naturally, these are curiosities that help you learn more about the culture and specific points of the place, but not about its current relevance.

Why are there so many Wall Street secrets?

Every place in the world has very specific secrets, and you only have to explore carefully to find many of them. However, what makes Wall Street the center of important commentary and stories is that the place has always been known for its diverse activities.

The creation of the New York Stock Exchange, for example, is a milestone for everyone and it happened right there. Several other impactful financial moments took place right there, highlighting the fact that Wall Street secrets are based on people’s desire to learn more about the area.

With this in mind, we decided to create this article with 7 important questions to address. Of course, you can learn more about this on the internet, but we’ll summarize it so that you understand the complexity of the site and why the seWall Street secrets are so important.

1- Only one tree on the site

The tree in front of the New York Stock Exchange is known to many, but what makes it one of Wall Street secrets is its history. It’s small, but it represents something that generated a deal worth billions in trading.

It all happened back in 1792, when 24 stockbrokers met under a tree to discuss the possibility of creating something new, a stock exchange that could generate greater financial security around the world. Rules for trading and fixed commissions were created.

The agreement became known as the Buttonwood Agreement, precisely because of the buttonwood tree that was there. So today we have a safer stock exchange, with confidence for the public.

2- The Wall Street bull and luck

Tourists who love the city always pass by the Wall Street Bull, but do you know why? The bronze sculpture is world famous and you don’t need to be in New York to know that it still stands today. But what’s striking is that tourists try to get “lucky” with it.

This is one of the Wall Street secrets that everyone should know before visiting the city. The bull is actually a symbol of resistance, optimism and prosperity. It was created in 1987 when the New York Stock Exchange crashed.

This led to a feeling of distrust on the part of some investors, even though the stock market was not in constant trouble. However, as it became the world’s largest center for this practice, the problem was even worse, despite not being a Wall Street secrets.

3- Ghosts of Trinity Church

There is a rumor that there are ghosts in Trinity Church, but this is nothing new to the locals. Everyone knows the legend, but there’s a Wall Street secrets that was the originator. 

It turns out that before the church stood there was a cemetery, but not just any cemetery. Famous American leaders were buried here! In some cases, the church even preserved this resting place, as in the case of Alexander Hamilton, who died at the age of 47.

4- More than 6 tons of gold underground

At the Federal Reserve Bank you should know that there are more than 6 tons of gold. All this value is underground, which gives the Wall Street area a very peculiar characteristic, doesn’t it?

Wall Street’s secret is that all this gold is at least 25 meters below water level. It contains more than 497,000 gold bars, as recently as 2019. Today, the numbers could be much higher. Did you know this Wall Street secrets?

5- A forgotten monument

Have you ever heard of New York’s most forgotten monument? Probably not. After all, despite its interesting historical significance, it has become one of Wall Street secrets because many people have put it aside for a while, given that there are other interesting areas to visit in the city.

You should know, however, that this monument is very similar to the Walk of Fame and was known for a long time as the Canyon of Heroes. All this leads us to believe that, on any given visit, it’s worth seeing how the place looks today. 

Pay attention to these little Wall Street secrets because they can make for an even more interesting trip.

6- Oldest restaurant in New York

Not only recognized as a restaurant, Fraunces Tavern is unique in the entire national region. It has even served as a meeting place for many of America’s founding fathers – incredible, isn’t it?

But this Wall Street secrets doesn’t end there. It was here that, in 1783, George Washington gathered with his compatriots to give thanks for the victory over the British who had left American soil. Only after this celebration did he return home. 

Surely this is something that goes unnoticed in the history books, but the site is fundamental to that moment. Today, still standing, it is an extremely important tourist attraction that houses more than one of Wall Street secrets.

Take advantage of the fact that the area isn’t that big to visit all these places and enjoy a good lunch at Fraunces Tavern.

7- The Third Trinity Church

If you’re going to be in the area, you need to visit Trinity Church. Today, it has a neo-Gothic style and has been completely renovated so that anyone can visit. It’s certainly one of the most beautiful spots in the area, but it’s also home to another Wall Street secrets. 

In this case, it’s a little more light-hearted. Only a few people know that this is the third church to be on the same site. Yes, they always had the same name, but they had to be rebuilt over time. The first one burned down and the second one collapsed in parts.

However, today there is little risk of problems with it, given how firm the construction is. However, we believe that this is a Wall Street secrets that is well worth knowing.

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